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Achtung die Kugel! review

4.2 / 5


Erik Sillén


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Achtung die Kugel! Review

Achtung die Kugel! is an app designed by Erik Sillén. Achtung die Kugel! was first published on . Achtung die Kugel! is accessible on Steam.

A local multiplayer action game where skills and tactics decide who wins.
Each player controls of a "kurve", a curve that always moves forward and is only stopped when crashing into another object. Whenever an opponent crashes while you're still in the game, you score a point. Get to the score limit first to win the game!

Achtung die Kugel re-imagines the old classic "Achtung die Kurve". Achtung die Kugel bends achtung-space to kugel-space (sphere-space) and brings the same classic action and skillful gameplay you would expect from an achtung game.

Here's what's in the package:

- Action packed gameplay: one small mistake and you're out for the round!

- Achtung die Kugel is played on a Sphere!!

- Jumps! Get out of tight situations or get right in front of an opponent with this skill-intensive feature.

- Easy to learn - hard to master: you can only go left, right or jump. But it takes lots of skill and tactics if you want to win the round!

- Play up to 4 players in two teams or free for all.

- Different maps to choose from.

- Xbox controller support. Definitely plays best with controllers!

- Party mode. Hate waiting for the end of each round? In party mode you respawn immediately!

- Many settings for your ultimate achtung-on-a-sphere experience!

We really hope you like it!
Konec hry!

Achtung die Kugel!

4.2 / 5

Achtung die Kugel! Logo
Author: Erik Sillén
Size: 420 MB available space

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