Miyazaki Assures Fans: Elden Ring DLC Weapons Won’t Outshine Your Old Favorites

Samuel Adams


Miyazaki Assures Fans: Elden Ring DLC Weapons Won’t Outshine Your Old Favorites

As fans eagerly anticipate the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree, the latest expansion for Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki offers some comforting news. Players have been wondering whether the new arsenal will render their beloved weapons obsolete. However, Miyazaki assures us that the newly introduced weaponry won’t drastically shift the game’s balance or overpower existing favorites. There’s much to look forward to without fear of losing what we've mastered in our journey so far.

In a recent interview with CNET, Miyazaki clarified that the new weapon classes won't outclass the existing ones in power or utility. According to him, the weapons are designed to be “side-grades” instead of outright upgrades, providing variety and new strategies rather than sheer dominance. As someone who has racked up significant hours in the game, often relying on the Blasphemous Blade and now flirting with the Gargoyle’s Blackblade, this revelation comes as a relief. Introducing fresh ways to tackle the game does not mean discarding the old techniques that have become second nature.

Miyazaki’s statement highlights an essential aspect of Elden Ring’s design ethos — balance and adaptability. “Might some weapons be better against certain bosses? Perhaps," he mentions. This sentiment resonates with many in the community who appreciate a tactical approach. Personally, I’ve found that the new bestial claws offer a nimble alternative to slow, powerful swings. They act as a strategic switch rather than a complete overhaul, a subtle yet significant difference that enriches the gameplay.

The developer also addressed potential concerns regarding PvP balance. With the introduction of new weapon classes, players worried this might lead to imbalanced encounters. However, Miyazaki is optimistic that, while new strategies will emerge, the ethos of fair play remains intact. For instance, as a player whose tactic revolves around wielding the largest weapon within reach and striking forcefully, I find comfort in knowing that new elements will broaden, not disrupt, the current mechanics. The base game already supports diverse and “wacky” builds, making it unlikely that anything in the expansion will feel especially out of place.

With Shadow of the Erdtree slated to intensify our ventures in the Lands Between, Miyazaki’s clarifications are timely and reassuring. By focusing on adding nuanced, versatile toolsets rather than power-creeping, this expansion promises to enhance our experiences without diminishing established playstyles. So, whether you’re fond of Strength/Faith builds or quick, agile moves, rest assured that your combat arsenal will remain relevant. Prepare yourself for new adventures, safe in the knowledge that your cherished weapons remain as formidable as ever.