Top 5 Cross-Platform Gaming Experiences on Xbox Game Pass for December 2023

Samuel Adams


Top 5 Cross-Platform Gaming Experiences on Xbox Game Pass for December 2023

Gaming with friends is a cherished pastime that the boundaries of console ecosystems can somewhat hinder. Thankfully, crossplay is increasingly commonplace, allowing gamers on various platforms to come together. Particularly for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the service provides an array of cross-platform games that stand out for their quality and ability to unite players. We've curated a list of the best crossplay titles available on Game Pass as of December 2023, with a focus on community and connectivity.

1. Sea of Thieves: The Ultimate Pirate Adventure

Sea of Thieves The Ultimate Pirate Adventure

Sea of Thieves invites players to live out their pirate fantasies, sailing the seas in search of treasure and glory. It's a game that has expanded significantly since its launch, now offering a deep and engaging multiplayer experience. Crossplay on this title ensures that the seas are always full of life, with friends and foes alike sharing the same waters regardless of platform.


  • Robust cross-platform support enhances the player base.
  • Ongoing updates and expansions keep the gameplay fresh.
  • It is a quintessential co-op experience, allowing players to form lasting in-game alliances.


  • The vast open world can sometimes lead to periods of monotony during exploration.
  • The PvP aspect can be punishing for beginners, especially against seasoned players.

2. Deep Rock Galactic: Dwarves Unite Across Platforms

Deep Rock Galactic Dwarves Unite Across Platforms

With Deep Rock Galactic, cooperation and strategy take center stage as players dive into treacherous caves filled with riches and dangerous creatures. Taking on different roles, players must work closely together to succeed, with crossplay allowing for a diverse group regardless of the platform.


  • Class-based gameplay highlights teamwork and individual player contributions.
  • Procedural generation of levels ensures a unique experience every time.
  • A strong emphasis on co-op play creates memorable group dynamics.


  • The high difficulty can be discouraging for casual players.
  • It may require a dedicated group for the most rewarding experience.

3. For Honor: Epic Cross-Platform Medieval Battles

For Honor Epic Cross-Platform Medieval Battles

For Honor stands out with its unique medieval combat system, pitting knights, samurais, and Vikings against each other in intense melee battles. While originally not featuring crossplay, the game has been updated to extend its battlefield across platforms, bringing together a larger community of warriors.


  • Tactical and skill-based combat system rewarding player mastery.
  • Varied character classes provide diverse playstyles.
  • Regular events and updates keep the meta-game interesting.


  • The learning curve against experienced players can be steep for newcomers.
  • The community occasionally reports matchmaking imbalances.

4. Mortal Kombat 11: A Fighting Game that Crosses Boundaries

Mortal Kombat 11 A Fighting Game that Crosses Boundaries

The iconic fighting series Mortal Kombat 11 brings its crushing action across platforms with crossplay capabilities. Players can engage in visceral combat with a roster of characters from across the timeline of the series, as well as guest fighters from other franchises.


  • The fluid and responsive combat system is appreciated by casual and hardcore players alike.
  • Extremely polished visuals and cinematic presentation.
  • A broad collection of fighters and customizable options.


  • Microtransactions can be off-putting to some players.
  • Facing off against platform-specific communities can lead to dissatisfaction due to different playing conditions.

5. Chivalry 2: Crossplay Conquest in the Middle Ages

Chivalry 2 Crossplay Conquest in the Middle Ages

Chivalry 2 thrusts players into the heat of medieval warfare with a focus on large-scale, objective-based battles. It's an immersive melee combat experience where strategy, skill, and cooperation decide the victors, and with crossplay, there's no shortage of combatants to test your mettle against.


  • Massive battles that capture the chaos of medieval warfare.
  • A realistic and in-depth combat system that rewards proficiency.
  • Ever-growing content and battle scenarios keep players engaged.


  • It can be graphics-intensive, which may impact performance on lower-tier systems.
  • The pacing of combat may not appeal to fans of faster-paced action games.

In conclusion, while each of these games offers a unique cross-platform experience, one title stands out for consistently earning rave reviews from players: Deep Rock Galactic. Its combination of cooperative gameplay, class-based roles, and procedurally generated levels offers a continuously engaging experience that is enriched by playing with friends across different gaming systems. The sense of comradery and reliance on teamwork makes it an outstanding example of what crossplay on Xbox Game Pass can offer, and community feedback reflects these strengths. Whether tunneling through hazardous caves or safeguarding precious resources, Deep Rock Galactic's ability to bring people together remains unmatched.