How to Get a Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

Chloe Williams


How to Get a Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're diving into Monster Hunter Stories and aspiring to add the agile and elusive Nargacuga to your team of Monsties, you're in for a treat. Follow this detailed guide on how to locate, battle, and ultimately obtain the swift Flying Wyvern, renowned for its stealth and speed.

Step 1: Understanding the Nargacuga

Before you embark on your quest, it's crucial to understand your target. Nargacuga is a Flying Wyvern celebrated for its incredible swiftness and stealth capabilities. It is adept at moving silently, making it a formidable opponent. This Monstie boasts excellent speed and decent attack stats, making it an ideal companion for players who prefer fast and fierce battles. Its Speed Tendency aligns perfectly with its quick movements, providing an advantage in combat scenarios.

Understanding the Nargacuga

  • Speed Tendency: High
  • Strength: Water Element
  • Weakness: Thunder Element

Step 2: Locating the Nargacuga

The journey to finding a Nargacuga begins in Pondry Hills, one of the earliest regions in Monster Hunter Stories. Although this area is accessible from the start, don't be fooled by its seemingly calm environment; the Nargacuga is one of the tougher Monsties in this region.

To increase your chances of spotting a Nargacuga, explore thoroughly and keep an eye out for the unique dens it might occupy. These dens often contain the elusive Monstie or its eggs.

Step 3: Preparing for the Encounter

Encountering a Nargacuga can be challenging, especially if you're unprepared. Equip your character with weapons and gear that offer resistance against physical attacks and speed. Additionally, bringing Monsties with strong defense and healing abilities can be beneficial.

A well-prepared party should include:

  • Sturdy defense-focused Monsties
  • Healers to replenish health during battle
  • Speedy Monsties to match Nargacuga's agility

Step 4: Initiating Battle

Initiating Battle

Once you locate the Nargacuga, carefully approach and initiate battle. Focus on understanding its attack patterns, primarily speed-based moves. Use Monsties to counteract these speed attacks effectively.

Pay attention to its health and aim to weaken it without completely defeating it. Employ attacks and skills that target its weaknesses while managing your party's health and status.

Step 5: Making Nargacuga Retreat

To make the Nargacuga retreat to its den, you'll need to employ specific tactics. The most effective method involves using a Paintball Gun within three turns of significantly weakening the Nargacuga.

Alternatively, you can use traps or skills that increase the chances of retreating. For instance, utilizing the Den Protector skill can enhance these chances, making it easier for you to track the Nargacuga back to its den.

Step 6: Following the Nargacuga to Its Den

Once the Nargacuga retreats, it's essential to follow it back to its den. Carefully navigate the terrain and ensure you reach the den without alarming other monsters in the area. Employing the Stealth riding action can be extremely beneficial in avoiding unnecessary encounters.

In the den, you'll find a nest containing the coveted Nargacuga egg. Approaching the nest stealthily and retrieving the egg will successfully add the Nargacuga to your team.

Step 7: Hatching and Training Your Nargacuga

Once you secure the egg, return to the village to hatch it. The moment your Nargacuga hatches, you'll have a new and formidable ally. Training this Monstie becomes crucial to unleashing its full potential. Focus on enhancing its speed and attack capabilities through rigorous training and battles.

raining Your Nargacuga

Additionally, leveraging its unique skills, such as Stealth and Dark Thrash, can offer significant advantages in future battles. Customize its genes to strengthen its core attributes and create a harmonious balance within your party.

Conclusion: Embrace the Swift Power of Nargacuga

Securing a Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories is an exhilarating journey from start to finish. By understanding its traits, locating it wisely in Pondry Hills, preparing meticulously, and following systematic battle strategies, you can achieve success. Once you have this swift Flying Wyvern in your roster, it will undoubtedly become one of your most cherished and reliable Monsties, enhancing your adventures significantly.